Computerised Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS) is the process of measuring the energy patterns in the body. These measurements show the anatomical and physiological changes produced by diet, toxins, exercise and emotions. Since every process in the body begins with energy, and the structure and function of the body are sustained by energy, every biological process changes the structure of the body. Biological processes cause the electrical resistance in the body to change. The change of the flow of electrons from one electrode to another electrode provides a profile of the balance or imbalance of the meridians within the body.

Computerised Electro_Dermal screening is an integrated healthcare technology which can determine the cause of an energy imbalance of a person and can also determine what product or technique will help produce a balanced state. Just like all other medical devices, CEDS is based on theories and concepts. the development of electro dermal screening began as many of the great inventions of our century – created out of necessity.

Why Electro_Dermal  Screening?

Everybody is different

What is good for one person can be quite unsuitable for another. Therefore, an accurate health programme can only be calculated after an individual assessment. The old adage, “you are what you eat,” could easily be translated into “you are what you absorb.” The only way to find out exactly what the body is absorbing is through accurate screening techniques.

Fast and Accurate

Health For Life CEDS has the ability to quickly an accurately screen the body for food sensitivities, minerals and vitamins imbalances and more complex health conditions. Evaluation can then be made for changes in eating patterns and/or dietary supplements.


Health For Life screening is non-invasive and is carried out by measuring the skin impedance over specific meridian points. The results illustrate the balance and sensitive foods, or nutrient status of your body. This can provide the foundation data for re-balancing your health.

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