Health For Life provides a wide range of services to its customers, using the principles of Electro-Acupressure and Computerised Electro-Dermal Screening. Each consultation is unique and is based on each individual customer needs.

Electro-Acupressure: The first consultation is €75 and each consecutive consultation is €50. The amount of consecutive consultations vary depending on each individual’s condition.

Computerised Electro-Dermal Screening: Each nutritional screening, full body screening or food allergy test is tailored to suit each individual. For example, we can screen for Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones, Amino Acids, Allergies and the level of toxins in the body. From our experience different individuals require further screenings, for example, the Liver, Kidney, Lymph and Spleen. The first consultation is €75 and each consecutive consultation is €50.

Each consultation is done in the comfort of our new consultation rooms in Barrack Street, Ardfinnan

To book a consultation contact Bernard on (086) 2537402 or email