You hear of people saying how they don’t eat breakfast and they feel they eat less throughout the day because of it. However, studies have shown that if you eat a good breakfast you will have better concentration levels and you will have more energy. Nonetheless, I have found throughout my years of work that even though people eat breakfast they may not eat the right type of breakfast.

What is the right type of breakfast you may ask?

For starters a bowl of cornflakes isn’t going to keep you going throughout a busy morning in work or school. This is because the more sugar your breakfast cereal has the faster it digests, and the hungrier you will be later on in the day. I would always recommend to my clients that have a food with high protein levels, high in fibre – as more fibre will keep you full for longer, and always try and eat within an hour of waking. The longer the person waits to eat breakfast, the hungrier they will become and the satisfaction level after eating is extremely less.

For me I would either have scrambled eggs with wholemeal bread, overnight oaks with fresh fruit or a smoothie for breakfast. This would ensure I have enough energy to keep me going for my busy mornings.

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, so don’t start it off wrong

with digesting the wrong type of foods.

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Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?